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HIBC UDI logoHIBC stands for "Health Industry Bar Code" but HIBC is also a synonym for the association EHIBCC.

HIBC stands for "Health Industry Bar Code", the bar code and RFID system with increased data capacity and featuring identification of each packaging level based on the product reference "REF". However HIBC is also the synonym for the HIBCC member association in Phoenix, USA, and the EHIBCC (European Health Industry Business Communication Council), which was founded in 1987 in Brussels to maintain the HIBC system and for registration of Labeler Identification Codes (LIC).
The HIBC system has been established as a transparent and has been appointed as a UDI system by the International Medical Device Regulatory Forum (IMDRF) in addition to the GS1 and ICCBBA ISBT 128 system and was accredited 2013 by the FDA accordingly.
EHIBCC is Issuing Agency according to "ISO / IEC 15459-2".
HIBC codes ensure product identification, documentation traceability for the supply processes worldwide. The ISO standards for barcode, 2D and RFID, for example ISO / IEC 16022 DataMatrix and related quality standards, serve as the basis for the unique HIBC data structure.
The technical focus of the association is the implementation of the methodology "scanning instead of writing" to achieve error-free and fast data capture processes. The Technical Committee cooperates with associations and institutions in synergy such as BPI, BVD, Eurodata Council, IFA, VDDI as well as DIN, CEN and ISO. The committee and "Approved HIBC Solution Providers" supply the support for manufacturers for implementation of UDI. The users in the clinics receive support for the use of barcode + RFID for scanning, documenting, accounting according to the objectives of UDI to increase patient safety and efficiency.
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