hibc_logo-hell_stern_transparent_objektiv_109x86HIBC BARCODE for industry and health-care. This document describes the usage of HIBC bar code in the medical field.

ANSI/HIBC 2.6 ‐ 2016


budi buttonThe "Basic UDI-DI" is defined in the european medical device and in-vitro diagnostica regulations. It is further specified in the guidance document "Draft guidance on basic UDI-DI and changes to UDI-DI".

The "Basic UDI-DI" describes a modell of products. HIBC members may create their Basic UDI-DI identifiers on their own using the guideline below.

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This document defines the check digit algorithm used for HIBC codes.

It is an except of the HIBC standard at www.hibcc.org


DM ADC HIBC Hygieneprozess Sterietikett image deP1100293vkl10


The guideline "AIDC supported Hygiene prozess" describes the details how documentation can be automized by help of Automatic Identification & Data Capture (AIDC). The method is scanning bar code, Data Matrix and or optional RFID tags. The data elements are build according to relevant ISO standards for unique identification. This includes that the solution is considerung the legal requirements of EC and FDA under the scope of "UDI". The guideline was written by the Joined Working Group AIDC in health care under co-operation of manufacturers of equipment, medical devices and software where users of hospitals contributed as well. The application of the guideline shall lead to efficient and error free documentation of every single step of a hygiene process avoiding ambiguity and overlapping to adjacent numbering systems. The guideline can be used openly by all parties involved without any restrictions.

Unique Identification Mark UIM enables marking of smallest items. A typical size of a UIM is 3.2x3.2mm. It consists of a Data Matrix symbol (optional QR) and a serialized unique character string according to ISO/IEC 15459, part 4.
There are different marking methods available. A usual method is laser marking on metal or plastic.
UIM standard in german language see DIN 66401.




Please start using the "HIBC Emblem" for optical user guidance. The HIBC signals to the user to scan the Health-Core Bar Code here. The HIBC emblem contains the text "HIBC and may be placed horizontally or vertically beside the code. It is specially helpful if a packing contains multiple bar codes. The marking guideline may be downloaded by the link to the right.



paperedi emblem rotated 1200dpi grayPaper-EDI, the „EDI-Mark“ for transport labels and delivery papers and support for EDI-functionality in the supply chaoin. In logistic processes, there is a direct relation between bar code and EDI. Thus, both techniques may well interchain. The document contains some remarks about this concept, called PaperEDI.

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hospitalUnique patient identifiaction in health care using the health care barcode "HIBC" with standard data identifiers. The comitee charged by ISO/IEC 15418 by the maintenance of the data identifiers (DI) has accorded the request of EHIBCC TC to register the DI "(25H) Global unique Personal ID". Using this standard, it is now possible to generate word-unique patient and personal IDs. The attached document contains more information about patient and personal identification.



Introduction The processes in a hospital are related to special quality procedures to enable patient care and safety. Unique identification of items, devices, locations but also of patients and related services are of vital importance. Information Technology enables not only unique identification but also documenting processes automatically and error free. The tools for fulfillment of efficient data collection are Barcode, Matrixcode and nowadays RFID as well. This paper shall supply information how to mark and to identify wrist bands uniquely under use of reliable HIBC and ISO standards in an interoperable manner with other processes.





in compliance with ISO/IEC standards for Barcode.

  • ISO RFID eTAG-I - Electronic Item Tag
  • ISO RFID eTAG-P - Electronic Product Tag
  • ISO RFID eTAG-T - Electronic Transport Tag

HIBC - Health Industry Bar Code für die eindeutige Identifikation von Medizinprodukten (UDI) - Kurzspezifikation.
Das Dokument ist eine Kurzfassung des HIBC-Standards und enthält die wichtigsten Informationen über den Aufbau des Codes und der UDI-konformen Datenelemente. Als Basis dient die UDI-akkreditierte Fassung des HIBC. Detaillierte Darstellung in deutscher Sprache findenden Sie unter Dokuemnte in den "HIBC-Richtlinien und Empfehlungen".

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