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HIBCis the key to automated materialmanagement. By using the HIBC encoding the entire supply chain benefits in industry and health carenot onlyby simple, precise and fastmaterial handling,but alsofrom the open, readily availableand essential informationfrom a source.

Avoid mistakes andspeed upprocesses-safely and effectively. For HIBC is from the manufacturer to the end user.

Order and returns management in the healthcare market by HIBC Code

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For modern and efficient ordering processes and customer-friendly, fast returns management are today world-wide unique product and shipping labeling indispensable.
The globally unique HIBC Barcode is developed special for the labeling of products in the health sector and ensures efficient processes. By clear data structures and automated data collection The HIBC code, products and logistic units in the supply chain from the manufacturer can identify service providers, trade and consumers clear and automated. Incorrect shipped items and costly returns management are a thing of the past.
Put your trust in state of the art ordering and order management. HIBC and its solution partner to support you in the preparation and implementation.

Inventuremanagement Healthcare ready


Handeingaben allow errors and are extremely time consuming. The HIBC code delivers fast and efficient acquisition of holdings, whether with barcode scanners or RFID readers - of course after HIBC standard.
HIBC and its solution partners will be happy to ready for implementation.

Production Control

The labeling with HIBC code ensures the processes in the production of automatic data capture. Whether in the laboratory systems to uniquely sample treatment with the Unique Identification Marc or in the manufacture of medical devices themselves. The HIBC Code ensures transparency.

Product traceability with the HIBC code

Which product is when and where? By clearly labeling of products with the HIBC code allows products through the supply chain capture geziehlt world. The HIBC Code capturing in healthcare is particularly easy. The HIBC Code does require at long article numbers no additional reference.
The HIBC Code, the election efficiently and effortlessly and most clear Tracking & Tracing healthcare.
Ask about product traceability with the HIBC code.

Quality Management in Health Care

Steadily rising costs and growing demands on the quality of medical devices and other products, as well as legal requirements Heahltcare let the quality management of particular importance in the health sector forward. The HIBC Code secures by valid identification in the value chain, the quality of products and processes. Inform yourself.

Counterfeit protection - protection against forgery by the HIBC code

Secure their products against counterfeiting by world uniquely serialized products and packaging. The HIBC UIM code your products are unique!
If you want to know more about the possibilities of protection against plagiarism by using the HIBC codes, please contact us.

Legal compliance of medical devices and other healthcare products

Products for the health, such as medical devices are subject to a narrow legal framework, whether by Medical Devices Act in Germany or other international regulations such as the FDA in the US, or about recent regulations in Turkey around the topic UBB "(Ulusal Bilgi Bankası). HIBC supports you to comply with the legal requirements and also to increase the quality of logistics.
The simple and reliable design of the HIBC code allows your integration without building new SKU circles with minimum effort.
HIBC and its solution partners are ready for your questions.

Unite dose

Unite dose stands for patient-specific packaging ("Unit-Dose") of all pharmaceutical forms, as well as a quality-assured barcode documentation. The HIBC Code is the right building block for future-oriented and sustainable implementation of the Unite-box concept.
You want the unit dose system · establish with you? We are ready for the globally unique identification according to HIBC standard.


Terms like Unique Identification Mark (UDI) or unique device identification (UDI), are today thanks to the activities of HIBC naturally for secure product identification.